Telbee is an interactive platform that facilitates communication and allows businesses to maintain healthy engagement with their clients via audio chatting.
Duration Time & Duration 3 Months
Platform Platform Web
Target Audience Target Audience Businesses
Team Members Team Members 10 Members


Telbee Vox lets you record voice messages through your desktop or mobiles. You can then receive voice notes from the customer support and reply back by voice.


  • Running a successful agile team in a new project is a daunting challenge. You have to make sure all stakeholders and resources are on the same page.
  • Developing an Audio Recorder that supports all major browsers, mobile devices and works smoothly is a big challenge. This is because it optimizes existing solutions to our needs.Besides, Not only should the audio recording file be high in quality but also lower in size so that it can upload with slow networks as well.
  • Another challenge is to bring about a highly customized plugin that can be installed to customer websites easily and can serve high traffic. Having the right architecture decisions, both in development and cloud infrastructure, are essential for reliability.


  • Enabling the true agile principles and training resources to run successful sprints that provide frequent iterations and shorten the feedback cycle.
  • Tried different open source options available followed by customizing an open-source project to meet our needs.
  • Building a highly scalable cloud infrastructure using google cloud and Kubernetes.


Create and Customize:

Create and customize your voice recorders.

Easy Linking:

Link to your Vox pages or add them to your website.

Responsive Replies:

Listen and reply by a voice note from your Telbee inbox.

Facilitated communication:

Telbee voice messaging helps you overcome flaws that occur in traditional written communications, allowing you to relate to your clients as never before.

Technology Stack


  • icon HTML 5
  • icon CSS
  • icon Javascript
  • icon React Js
  • icon Typescript
  • icon Apollo
  • icon Bootstrap
  • icon Redux
  • icon REST
  • icon Webpack
  • icon GraphQL
  • icon ESL Int
  • icon Babel


  • icon Jira
  • icon Confluence
  • icon Bitbucket
  • icon Gitlab


  • icon AWS
  • icon S3
  • icon Apple Store
  • icon Puma
  • icon Nginx


  • icon Docker
  • icon New Relic
  • icon Kubernetes


  • icon Ruby on Rails
  • icon Google Map
  • icon Graph QL
  • icon Postgres GIS
  • icon RSpec
  • icon Firebase


  • icon Google Cloud


  • icon Redis
  • icon PostgreSQL
  • icon Elasticsearch

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